Sunday, September 16, 2007

Know the Chawa and Samek

Chawa and Samek, these two factors are very essential to the Lohorung people. Samek is the 'Original' or proto-name that identifies people, clans, and objects in their relation with the ancestors and the Chawa mean 'first clan watering place" it links the 'person' through an identification with the clan to a particular area or territory.
Both Samek & Chawa relate to each other and they locate people in relation to a collective group and a particular locality. The fact truth is, even if clan split and take on new independent clan names, retain their original Samek name.

In Lohorung community can't do without it. We generally discuss at marriage time, Is it permitted or is it forbidden? It will be all right if the girl and boy Samek is different.
As I know the Chawa and Samek collected by asking to the senior people.
Chawa and Samek are as follows:

Yangkhrung-pitukma chawa (Dharapani dhupu)-Kechaba/kechama
Dekhim-Lambuwa chawa(Pangma)-Dekhaba/dekhama
Bik-sik-Tumbuwa & tumbokma chawa (Yaphu/Diding)-Chiksaba/chiksama
Chukuwa-Khamlewa chawa (Arubote chewa)-Rungkhaba/rongkhama
Deren Lamsong-Lungkowa chawa(not identified the place)-Yungkhaba/yungkhama.

Thus, Samek and Chawa relate to each other and together they locate people in relation to a group and to a particular locality.

We have studied grammar that about prefix and suffix to make the new words and differentiate male, female. Here we can follow the rule of grammar of suffix to differentiate "Ba" for the male and "Ma" for the female. For example, all the four brother clans in pangma have same samek name dekha+ba=dekhaba for the males and dekha+ma=dekhama for the females.

According to the priest whom known as a Yatangpa, Samek & chawa play very important role in our social activities, the priest (yatangpa) call the ancestor using the samek and chawa, if there was no samek people couldn't say anything but didn't explain why.

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