Friday, November 2, 2007

Khartuwa: A Lohorung Village

I remember my village as a piece of heaven according to its natural beauty. It is so beautiful. The landscapings, streams, environment and forest are so attractive.

My home is in between two streams Chahare Khola and Dhya Kholsa. Chahare khola is much large than Dya kholsa.

Dya Kholsa means large river in lohorung language but it is not much large. May be the villagers were troubled in rainy reason by flood, so they called it Dya kholsa.

You can see a beautiful Mountain Range of Makalu in Northern part of our village.

The fields are so fertile. We can grow Maize, Barley, Paddy,Vegetables and Fruits. The most common fruit is Orange. The taste of oranges in our village is very sweet.

The people in my village are always busy in doing their own works. They depend upon farming but many young people are out of the village for earning money. They mostly go to Malayasia and Arab countries.

The educational background of our village is very poor so many children are not good in studies. They study only upto school level. There are very few students that go to college.

There a school in our village which is said to be established by our great grand father Hasta Lohorung.

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