Sunday, March 30, 2008

Published in Kantipur Daily

According to Election Commission of Nepal Government
To participate in election as a candidate, one had to meet the following requirements:
o Nepali citizenship
o Must have arrived at least 25 years of age.
o Free of criminal charges.
o Should not be in a profit making position.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Constitution Assmbly Election

Prevailing a word "ELECTION" wherever we are gone from a bunch of 2,3 people so far. There is no doubt that mean it is never happened again-again and I myself feel a great opportunity to be participated on this poll so that I am going to be landed in my Birth Place before a week a special day(28 Chaitra), and would like to request to those Lohorung people who haven't been to there so long. This might be a great time for going to our originated place in the view of both sense. One is to be held a occasion visiting our relatives and another to be participated in the CA Election. On the other hand we must feel proud this time more over half candidates are from our Lohorung Rai group.
The Lohorung "Rai" Candidates are as follow, party wise.
1) Kawan Sen Rai-CPN-UML
2) Tanka Prasad Rai-NC
3) Bhuwani Prasad Rai-CPN-Unified
4) Purna Prasad Rai-CPN-(M)
5) Thir Bahadur Rai-RJP(Rastriya Janmukti Party)

Constitution is the main law of the country. The country's state management runs according to this law.

Constituent Assembly is an assembly of people's representatives chosen by the people for the formation of a new constitution, as desired by the people.

Constituent Assembly Election is needed in Nepal to restructure the nation according to the aspirations of the People's movement – II, to reach a decision on the future of monarchy, to ensure democratic rule of law, to ensure proportional representation in all the bodies of state, to institutionalize the people's sovereignty and to create an atmosphere for all the citizens to exercise equal rights.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Since a long time, I am not able to post any articles for the It might be my weakness concerned knowledge however I try my best for coming days consequently.

At first I would like to a reference in term of the LOHORUNG KHANAWA, thought it can be whatever reflection it depends on your perception.

Identity is an umbrella term used throughout the social sciences to describe an individual's comprehension of him or herself as a discrete, separate entity. This term, though generic, can be further specified by the disciplines of psychology and sociology, including the two forms of social psychology.

Among us many behavior we have, some people are so talkative nature and some silent. Identity may be contrasted with the notion of self. In psychology, a psychological identity relates to self-image (a person's mental model of him or herself), self-esteem, and individuation. An important part of identity in psychology is gender identity, as this dictates to a significant degree how an individual views him or herself both as a person and in relation to other people. In cognitive psychology, the term "identity" refers to the capacity for self-reflection and the awareness of self.

Without social identity there is no human world. Without frameworks of similarity and difference, people would be unable to relate to each other in a consistent and meaningful fashion. Much of social identity theory deals with intergroup relations -- that is, how people come to see themselves as members of one group/category in comparison with another.

As well as the strong meaning of “LOHORUNG KHANAW”, is the community voice of the Lohorung Peoples. I, in the past had asked to them whom known as a Lohorung Yakhaba Yakhama in the much more topics, and told me different kind of aspects. Conclusion I found out at a present context we should focus toward the Social Identity or Identity of the Lohorung ethnic.