Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gertrude stein once said “one century has words, another century chooses words, another century uses words, and then another century using the words no longer has them.
Time is dynamic -omnipotent and omniscient.

Khorande is located in khandbari municipality word, shankhuwa sabha district; it is also recognized as a lohorung rai village. There are thirty houses all together; no other castes reside besides lohorung- yangkhrung and chhukuwa. Being the vicinity of khandbari, the headquarter of shankhuwa sabha district it is famous for marketing perspective (epicenter of vegetable agriculture). Also it is famous for ‘saruwa’millet wine, a kind of buzz. Khorande is stated in western part of khandbari in approaximate fifteen minute far away so far.
Etymology of khorande:
Khorande means cripple\ handicap in nepali meaning. It was named by a tree. A big tree that had no proper shapes in general. So they commenced to say khorande because of that. It is said that the present headquarter of shankhuwa sabha district khandbari was khorandelis previous resident area according to the grand fathers. It had been left for khornade in many respects.
According to unrecorded history lohorung was called by limbu fellows at first. Its non distorted form is ‘larung’. It means fighting. Now it has been said lohorung.
A yard of Khorande House

Khorande Village


Friday, July 18, 2008

Globalization and Indigenous Peoples

With the help of new technology the distance of the universe has been minimized. All people have been caught by the fever of globalization. even in remote areas it is approached and the way of living style is quite different now. Capitalism is supposed to be major part of globalization which in its absence it is impossible to be developed a country. Open economic policy is the strategy of globalization. Generally globalization means monopoly of capital, information technology, knowledge, information e.t.c. free flow of above followings have primarily sandwiched indigenous values.
For the first time international indigenous film festival I happened to witness, the blunder circumstances that the indigenous peoples have been facing all over the world. It was showed a documentary that of mouri indigenous peoples of New Zealand entitled O’mapere a lake shape like belly-getting food (O- belly, ampere- food) from that lake to survive. Later on, the government approved to let establish industry on the O’mepere area without thinking its impact over natural purity and indigenous peoples who were fully depend on O’mepere.
As a consequence, O’mepere was polluted. Even sanitation and health department announced the alert that it was harmful to drink water of O’mepere. No hearing was advocated in favor of O’mepere peoples though they were being deprived of various privileges. I was quite touched by that documentary. Moreover it helped to know that how indigenous nationalities had been exploited.
In the beginning working with different people and places in the world, I.L.O (international labor organization) had found indigenous more exploited. So, I.L.O, an organ of U.N (United Nations) formed I.L.O 169 which is in Nepal commenced from 2005. It has been working with indigenous peoples and recommends the government to include them into the national policy framework. Since they are back warded, their status has been deteriorating- language, culture, costume and the way of living.
The twenty first century is the era of technocracy no one is untouched by this techno- escape- village to city, city to village it has become easy to access from one to another. By the end of this millennium, the entire world will have changed into global village with the revolution of technology. A small number of people have access of technology and the large majority of the population in this country doesn’t.
The impact of globalization on indigenous peoples has been very devastating. From the external invasion, Nepal has received a serious blow. The Nepalese elite groups have pushed the indigenous to speak Nepali and follow Hindu rituals. And Nepali elite and ruling groups are forced to speak English. The general thought west is the best psyche also has helped to destruct of indigenous culture. Developed countries’ culture has penetrated each and every corner of country. Many indigenous youths do not know their mother language but they speak English fluently.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

love affair

Love affair
My husband is an engineer; I love him because of his static nature. When I am attached to his bosom I feel his warm emotion. It has been two years of our married life after three years of long love affair, now I am feeling tired with my own married life. Be as an honest, the reason that I used to love him before has been as tool of hatred. I am a sensitive woman and more concerned with my emotions. I am thirsty in romance. My husband has opposite nature. No skills he has to bring romantic moment in our relationship. I am really despairing with that reason.
So that one day I told about my determination to do divorce to him. He asked, ‘why’? , I replied I am fatigued, choked; again there is no cause of everything in this world. He, since then, sat smoking cigarette one another. He did not speak in the whole evening even if he was in deep thought. On the contrary, I was more squeezed in my anger- I should not aspect with a man who cannot express his true status.
He asked around two three hours later, “what can I do to alter your thought”? I remember; someone had once said ‘it is difficult task to change someone’s attitude’. my belief towards him decreased. I slowly, looked to his eyes and asked -I have a question if you could give answer and satisfied me I will change my mind.
Suppose, a flower is bloomed in cliff, I need it; the pouncing point is that as soon as you plucked it you are dead. “Can you do it for me”, I asked? With long breath he replied I will give its answer later. I was surprised-getting his response the big landslide went in my hope. Tomorrow, in the early morning, he had been outside without any pre-clue. In the dinning hall there was a small piece of paper left on the table by the side of main door. I saw it. It was a note written in less articulate. It was written – my darling, I cannot pluck the flower for you, but I want to explain some reasons not to be plucked it.
When you play computer, everywhere you throw its programs and begin to weep sitting in front of monitor I must have saved my fingers so that I could make programs as it was before. You often forget bunch of keys: I must have saved my legs so that I could run and reach at home earlier. You are fond of traveling new places but you often forget ways in the city; I must keep my eyes open so that I could show you the way. You mostly spend time on computer which is very dangerous for your eyes. I must save my eyes even in the old age so that I could cut you nail and give hand while traveling on the river bank. So my beloved I cannot pluck the flower until it is certain there is someone loves you more than this. Yeah, I am ready to pluck it if he really is.