Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gertrude stein once said “one century has words, another century chooses words, another century uses words, and then another century using the words no longer has them.
Time is dynamic -omnipotent and omniscient.

Khorande is located in khandbari municipality word, shankhuwa sabha district; it is also recognized as a lohorung rai village. There are thirty houses all together; no other castes reside besides lohorung- yangkhrung and chhukuwa. Being the vicinity of khandbari, the headquarter of shankhuwa sabha district it is famous for marketing perspective (epicenter of vegetable agriculture). Also it is famous for ‘saruwa’millet wine, a kind of buzz. Khorande is stated in western part of khandbari in approaximate fifteen minute far away so far.
Etymology of khorande:
Khorande means cripple\ handicap in nepali meaning. It was named by a tree. A big tree that had no proper shapes in general. So they commenced to say khorande because of that. It is said that the present headquarter of shankhuwa sabha district khandbari was khorandelis previous resident area according to the grand fathers. It had been left for khornade in many respects.
According to unrecorded history lohorung was called by limbu fellows at first. Its non distorted form is ‘larung’. It means fighting. Now it has been said lohorung.

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