Thursday, July 10, 2008

love affair

Love affair
My husband is an engineer; I love him because of his static nature. When I am attached to his bosom I feel his warm emotion. It has been two years of our married life after three years of long love affair, now I am feeling tired with my own married life. Be as an honest, the reason that I used to love him before has been as tool of hatred. I am a sensitive woman and more concerned with my emotions. I am thirsty in romance. My husband has opposite nature. No skills he has to bring romantic moment in our relationship. I am really despairing with that reason.
So that one day I told about my determination to do divorce to him. He asked, ‘why’? , I replied I am fatigued, choked; again there is no cause of everything in this world. He, since then, sat smoking cigarette one another. He did not speak in the whole evening even if he was in deep thought. On the contrary, I was more squeezed in my anger- I should not aspect with a man who cannot express his true status.
He asked around two three hours later, “what can I do to alter your thought”? I remember; someone had once said ‘it is difficult task to change someone’s attitude’. my belief towards him decreased. I slowly, looked to his eyes and asked -I have a question if you could give answer and satisfied me I will change my mind.
Suppose, a flower is bloomed in cliff, I need it; the pouncing point is that as soon as you plucked it you are dead. “Can you do it for me”, I asked? With long breath he replied I will give its answer later. I was surprised-getting his response the big landslide went in my hope. Tomorrow, in the early morning, he had been outside without any pre-clue. In the dinning hall there was a small piece of paper left on the table by the side of main door. I saw it. It was a note written in less articulate. It was written – my darling, I cannot pluck the flower for you, but I want to explain some reasons not to be plucked it.
When you play computer, everywhere you throw its programs and begin to weep sitting in front of monitor I must have saved my fingers so that I could make programs as it was before. You often forget bunch of keys: I must have saved my legs so that I could run and reach at home earlier. You are fond of traveling new places but you often forget ways in the city; I must keep my eyes open so that I could show you the way. You mostly spend time on computer which is very dangerous for your eyes. I must save my eyes even in the old age so that I could cut you nail and give hand while traveling on the river bank. So my beloved I cannot pluck the flower until it is certain there is someone loves you more than this. Yeah, I am ready to pluck it if he really is.


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Nabin Ji
plz remove this post. It doesn't deserve to be in Lohorung blog.

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i am extremely sorry if i am wrong. i thougt only talking about lohorung would be small principality,but plz donot take me otherwise. so i posted it as a impersonal emotion. nothing more than that.

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but it is better if we focus on lohorung matters in this blog.