Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Nationalism: limbuwan and khambuwan
The hotly discussed question in nepali political epicenter is federal system brought by different political parties on the basis of various approaches. It is certain that Nepal’s federal system is no more relevant with other federal nations in terms of its own diversity in culture, ethnicity, and geography. So our successive mindful task is to formulate particular federalism that would address all strata of people and feel secured in many respects in the society. We know that we have heterogeneous society that any particular caste is not found resided in any particular region of the state. It might create the grave concern for demarcating ethnic federal state in the process of drafting new constitution. Limbuwan, khambuwan, tamasaling and tharuhat are, for example, demanding of ethnic autonomous states. They have for a long time been struggling to accomplice their voice. On what ground they have been raising their voices for ethnic autonomous, it is very essential to point out.

Nationalism: nationalism is generally broken down into two parts, civic nationalism and ethnic nationalism. Civic nationalism is associated with the civilization of northern Europe that as a legal political concept. And ethnic nationalism was originally associated with countries in eastern and central Europe. This ethnic nationalism is based on ancestral association as compared to civic nationalism. To talk about limbuwan and khambuwan nationalism, at its basic level, a sense of identity felt by individual and groups common history, common customs on cultural traditions. Not only that it is also the quest for political independence, or say, ‘self-determination’ is based on the perceived right of everyone.

The crucial factors of limbuwan and khambuwan nationalism are ethnic rights and historic rights they are claiming. From the beginning of the regime of late king prithivi narayan shah limbuwan had a certain piece of territory; kippot, historical precedent in other word. Even united nation has already declared indigenous rights in bringing (ILO 169) that allows them to claim historic rights. Second, the majority in the given region is determined by population counts, polls and votes of self-determination

Ethnic federal system itself is complicated issue on the one hand. If it is divided on the basis of ethnic groups, why not other groups who dwell in the reason claim own autonomous? Is it plausible if such kind of issues will be skyrocketing one after another? To be raised such kind of question is normal. In my understanding, it can be possible any ethnic federal autonomous. But only if it has been analyzed situations to require its pre- requisites. According to the geographical structure how it puts good relationship with other federal states, whether it is sufficient to manipulating natural resources for development and to ensure the rights of minorities is another important part.

Limbuwan, khambuwan ethnic federal autonomous states are to some extent relevant but it doesn’t mean that historic rights and ethnic rights will encompass all aspects of nationalism at all. Even though it is declared federal states, I don’t think the problem is minimized; the roots of problems will be broadening moreover. In nationalism, the least standard of equalities are common culture, traditions and history as a part of ethnic nationalism. Due to the political independence such matters have been deformed of social uniformity into disintegration. In yesterdays, all limbuwan, khambuwa, tamasaing and so on would belong to kirant. It was a kind of emotional attachment we had. Now it is no longer remained as it was in history.
kiratis have been separated in small ideologies. Such activities will create enemies in the name of self- identification. When people identify with one group they often develop mistrustful or hostile feelings about the people outside that group. Even neighboring state with great deal in common can come mistruth each other.

In shankhauwa sabha district, Lohorung rai and yamphu have their own historical identity. According to the unrecorded history, it had different territory as of limbuwan. The situation is different at present; Limbuwan has begun to claim it. But they are neither in limbuwan nor are in khambuwan. They are different than other wans. If anyone claims that territory, they have also no choice besides to go and unite against them. One thing I want to remind you that a lohorung cannot be compared with kiratis, a kirat cannot be compared with an indigenous and an indigenous cannot be compared with nepali. It has its own graduated scale. And each scale has its own significance.
It is now right time to take responsibility of including all kiratis and to have the helping hands of all stakeholders. Otherwise widespread national politics will take us nowhere but to the deadline of hostility; we are now at driver seat.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Sometimes nightmare interestingly makes us confused. Confusion creates in real life in thinking though it is just limited in dreams. Dreams are generally two types that are found in our subconscious mind. Everyone has her/his own dreams of achieving some things that he/ she longs with the chaining of time factor having seen forthcoming days. The person who he has no dream is empty. I too, no wonder, as a part of it. How could I be aligned? Here I am talking about the dream at night sleep that we make, of which relevancy was no more in my life. Till date, I am escaping it from own dictionary, whether it may be true or may not be.

I have been habituated a morning walk led by my dreams for two years ago. I have still same habit. I prefer to have evening walk as well where there is no noise and crowd in twilight. This is my dream yet to fulfill.
this winter season, in the early morning, kathmandu is seen completely veiled with fog from where my dream starts. Some women around in the forties selling the vegetables on basket, shivering with cold sitting by the side of raod, “calling saag, saag” (spinach, spinach), have encouraged in my dream to do something and have it. Seeing them, covering with light shawl, no matter how hard it is, I could feel them easily. But I am happy too of seeing them with dreams hoping to have expected life in coming days.
This is no different between the story of rabindranath tigore’s kabuliwalah and kathmandu today. Even though their way of style is different but the zest is same after all.
Kathmandu is now changing day by day especially living system is incredibly changing.
People have begun to keep pet animals at home. The fact could clearly be seen in the morning, their disguised name” Jackie”, somewhere named with “Michael” the owner is with stick along the road. I am really got exasperated when they bring dogs nearby. A small question arises in my mind, as said by former president of India, dr. kalama
India is not an under-developed nation;do you have 10 minutes?
You say that the municipality does not pick up the garbage; you say that the phones donot work. The airline is the worst in the world.
In Singapore you walk out of the airport and you are at your intenational best. You would not dare to throw cigarette butts on the road.
In india Rich people’s dogs are walked on th streets to leave their afffuent droppings all over the place and the same people turn around to criticize and blame the authorities of ineffiencny and dirty pavements. What do they espect the officers to do?
as mentioned by Dr. Abdul kalama, there is changed everything; life style is changed, evironment is changed, people's standard is changed. It is changed everything except the way of thinking of people unchanged. we couldnot make our mentality changed.
my dream is not unrealistic that could see the healty society, my dream is simple that i have been dreaming for three years to keep along with forever.
my dream is to see those women full of happiness with fresh spinach.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


American presidential election has just concluded. After winning the election by barrack hussin obama from democrat, an afro- American born, the world’s attention has been drawn to America and obama. Barrack had been quite familiar right after he had spoken against bush’s policy attacking in Iraq. And also he has done many remarkable tasks in America as a lawyer, professor. Now the main challenge for him is to soldiering soared global economy. He has come with maintaining economic crisis.

Due to economic crisis of global changes in policy towards (LDCs) less developed countries might indirectly effect in the process of making new Nepal. The powerful country like United States of America, the ethno- politics and regional politics is no less relevant in Nepali political circle we are campaigning to build prosperous country that all level of people: marginalized, underprivileged, ethnic, madhesi and gender, will be included.

To see the result of constituent of assembly election (CA polls) in 2064, 26 mangsir, even in nepali politics the regional and ethno- politics paradigm shift could be called. As a consequence, being raised the demands of autonomous tarai state, madhesi parties have appeared at frontline as a key- holder, and fourth major party by backing already established parties off.
The madhesi people and indigenous peoples so far as concerned, they have raised issues, at the same time, madhesi people demanded autonomous tarai state likewise, and indigenous peoples put forth on drafting new constitution that there must be addressed ethnic federal state on the basis of culture, language and tradition.

To my surprise! Madhesi parties one to another elevated their demands on national policies by hitting street So that, they have overcome political surge in national politics.
In my personal perspectives, this is a way to grabbing of power undergone the politics entangled. This is, of course, not bad! At least, it helped to establish people’s voices in national policies that those are really deprive of their privileges.

On the contrary, indigenous demands are being shadowed day by day. The Herculean task for us now is to ensure indigenous into national integrity. As a matter of fact, around 40% of national population has been occupied by indigenous peoples and that among them some limited people are politically indoctrinated. This is not a matter of political ideology, rather it is the indigenous common interests we are not incisive for manipulating power of balance. This is a myopia in which all indigenous peoples will be vulnerable in the long run.

The leaders especially in indigenous peoples they have been making themselves scapegoats even in their mother party not being able to put clear vision owing to personal politics of desire. Reiteration of very same statement, if we observe tarai movement and American presidential election the stance they have taken might help vital role in indigenous movement.

The present burning issues among indigenous is ethnic autonomous in which the demarcation of its territory is complicated. On that issue among ethnic communities the distances of dissimilarities are heightened by declaring autonomous state without taking consent of stakeholders. It, undoubtedly, creates emotional detachment among them.

We are talking about nationalism. We feel common language, common history, costume, and cultural traditions. Another is one of the crux political independence. Ethnic nationalism is supposed to be major component of nationalism. The present ethnic autonomous issues are based on ethnic nationalism of which historic rights is consisted.

At the end, the million dollar question for every one
Is it right for demanding of ethnic autonomous?
Your turn please…………………….

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I saw a woman, at the age of seventy, at around 4 o’clock; while the sun was going in another hemisphere of the globe to see the people like us who are really enjoying the world in their own world on his presence, walking in the middle of indigenous land.

I am a graduate student often come to visit this place. I had come from my college in this area. I had come here to study about its geography but I was always attracted by that place. Hours and hours I spend sitting under the tree and looking all around, hearing the bird’s chirps and beautiful music flapping the leaves of poplar tree by wind. It has been my regular life. As a student of geography I have visited many places but none of the places I liked more than this. I have been observing geographies of the world.

She was smooth and walking slowly. Both side of road seen beautiful garden. The daffodil and poplar trees were laughing at her I would feel. Her dress and white hair and that beautiful garden and spectrum of sun would have seen perfect color combination. Looked each and every corner, got entered into cottage, sat on the wood chair taking long breathe as if she had done some mistakes and her repentance.

I had been told by our teacher a visiting professor in course of taking a nostalgia class. Many years ago an ingenious, who loved an unknown lady, had made this place in the name of his lover. According to our teacher, the lady to whom he loved had left him for her better career and life. It was the place they united and split. They had promised and separated hoping to be reunited in the future. The indigenous boy had given her a word to make her beautiful garden when she returns. Years passed but got no massage from her. While taking the class, our teacher would have seen serious but calm when the explanation begun. I actually did not know where his original place was. I never asked and he never told. I just knew his “langkkam” a diary.

I used to see a woman sometimes; she used sit on the chair and remains many hours. That was my hangout in my collage life. I wanted to know who she was. Moreover, I had wanted to take her photo. She looked perfect as if this cottage was made for her only, my heart was saying. The next day same time I was coming towards my usual place.

The old, seen in the seventy,lady was already there. She was seen writing on the table. I got surprised, again thought she might be like me for wandering. I went nearer and hid behind the tree. I took her photograph too. Today she left that place a bit late. There was a white paper could be clearly seen. This day the woman was crying and weeping laying her head on the table. I thought what insanity! My mind and eyes concentrated upon her.

She touched carving stones, blooming flowers. Fore a while, she stirred and disappeared.
I got hesitated. It was the first time I happened to be there on that table, picked paper up. It had small words but articulate writing.

Today is my last visit to you; I, your Langkkam, am extremely sorry I could not remain here although I wanted to be. When I got back after four decades, I was welcomed by beautiful naturally decorated garden and cottage. You used to say this is our place we lost our soul; this is the place the soul I will nurture.

Let me apologize, otherwise I will not get rest not only in hell but also in heaven. Nevertheless I have no longer time, I have realized you more in depth that triumph of the world is supposed to be less worthier than winning to self. I have been severely overwhelmed by melancholy, let it be poured. Otherwise, I cannot remain standstill in front of you during my survival. Then I will get rest forever on your lap.

After reading the paper, I could not escape or I never longed to get back either. I have been staying in this place from that time. It has doomed, my hair has turned into white and face into wrinkle as of woman. It is now time to leave this precious place.

I, namsang, a journalist and photographer on Wednesday Dec 2008, was looking for earthy matters. Un-located destination drove me away to indigenous land which was beyond my speculation. The place seems to have designed by soul mates. It would be better for health to have fresh air, I thought and sat under the tree leaned against it made me fore enchanted.

Among many remarkable things cottage and its surrounding garden is like heavenly place. For I was making the shape to take photo, my eyes stopped over the table on which white paper fellow were seen. Unwillingly my steps headed, and stopped besides the table, held the paper.

It was an unimagined story written by a student about his professor and his lost lover. An event, for the first time he came to visit, made him sitting on the chair forever, he explains.
I made a mind to take it home and write a book about this story. It has succeeded too. No more I was satisfied with world and fame.

Now I comprehend the real world sitting on the chair, Very soon, I also will be turned into white hair and wrinkle face.