Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Sometimes nightmare interestingly makes us confused. Confusion creates in real life in thinking though it is just limited in dreams. Dreams are generally two types that are found in our subconscious mind. Everyone has her/his own dreams of achieving some things that he/ she longs with the chaining of time factor having seen forthcoming days. The person who he has no dream is empty. I too, no wonder, as a part of it. How could I be aligned? Here I am talking about the dream at night sleep that we make, of which relevancy was no more in my life. Till date, I am escaping it from own dictionary, whether it may be true or may not be.

I have been habituated a morning walk led by my dreams for two years ago. I have still same habit. I prefer to have evening walk as well where there is no noise and crowd in twilight. This is my dream yet to fulfill.
this winter season, in the early morning, kathmandu is seen completely veiled with fog from where my dream starts. Some women around in the forties selling the vegetables on basket, shivering with cold sitting by the side of raod, “calling saag, saag” (spinach, spinach), have encouraged in my dream to do something and have it. Seeing them, covering with light shawl, no matter how hard it is, I could feel them easily. But I am happy too of seeing them with dreams hoping to have expected life in coming days.
This is no different between the story of rabindranath tigore’s kabuliwalah and kathmandu today. Even though their way of style is different but the zest is same after all.
Kathmandu is now changing day by day especially living system is incredibly changing.
People have begun to keep pet animals at home. The fact could clearly be seen in the morning, their disguised name” Jackie”, somewhere named with “Michael” the owner is with stick along the road. I am really got exasperated when they bring dogs nearby. A small question arises in my mind, as said by former president of India, dr. kalama
India is not an under-developed nation;do you have 10 minutes?
You say that the municipality does not pick up the garbage; you say that the phones donot work. The airline is the worst in the world.
In Singapore you walk out of the airport and you are at your intenational best. You would not dare to throw cigarette butts on the road.
In india Rich people’s dogs are walked on th streets to leave their afffuent droppings all over the place and the same people turn around to criticize and blame the authorities of ineffiencny and dirty pavements. What do they espect the officers to do?
as mentioned by Dr. Abdul kalama, there is changed everything; life style is changed, evironment is changed, people's standard is changed. It is changed everything except the way of thinking of people unchanged. we couldnot make our mentality changed.
my dream is not unrealistic that could see the healty society, my dream is simple that i have been dreaming for three years to keep along with forever.
my dream is to see those women full of happiness with fresh spinach.

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