Tuesday, December 9, 2008


American presidential election has just concluded. After winning the election by barrack hussin obama from democrat, an afro- American born, the world’s attention has been drawn to America and obama. Barrack had been quite familiar right after he had spoken against bush’s policy attacking in Iraq. And also he has done many remarkable tasks in America as a lawyer, professor. Now the main challenge for him is to soldiering soared global economy. He has come with maintaining economic crisis.

Due to economic crisis of global changes in policy towards (LDCs) less developed countries might indirectly effect in the process of making new Nepal. The powerful country like United States of America, the ethno- politics and regional politics is no less relevant in Nepali political circle we are campaigning to build prosperous country that all level of people: marginalized, underprivileged, ethnic, madhesi and gender, will be included.

To see the result of constituent of assembly election (CA polls) in 2064, 26 mangsir, even in nepali politics the regional and ethno- politics paradigm shift could be called. As a consequence, being raised the demands of autonomous tarai state, madhesi parties have appeared at frontline as a key- holder, and fourth major party by backing already established parties off.
The madhesi people and indigenous peoples so far as concerned, they have raised issues, at the same time, madhesi people demanded autonomous tarai state likewise, and indigenous peoples put forth on drafting new constitution that there must be addressed ethnic federal state on the basis of culture, language and tradition.

To my surprise! Madhesi parties one to another elevated their demands on national policies by hitting street So that, they have overcome political surge in national politics.
In my personal perspectives, this is a way to grabbing of power undergone the politics entangled. This is, of course, not bad! At least, it helped to establish people’s voices in national policies that those are really deprive of their privileges.

On the contrary, indigenous demands are being shadowed day by day. The Herculean task for us now is to ensure indigenous into national integrity. As a matter of fact, around 40% of national population has been occupied by indigenous peoples and that among them some limited people are politically indoctrinated. This is not a matter of political ideology, rather it is the indigenous common interests we are not incisive for manipulating power of balance. This is a myopia in which all indigenous peoples will be vulnerable in the long run.

The leaders especially in indigenous peoples they have been making themselves scapegoats even in their mother party not being able to put clear vision owing to personal politics of desire. Reiteration of very same statement, if we observe tarai movement and American presidential election the stance they have taken might help vital role in indigenous movement.

The present burning issues among indigenous is ethnic autonomous in which the demarcation of its territory is complicated. On that issue among ethnic communities the distances of dissimilarities are heightened by declaring autonomous state without taking consent of stakeholders. It, undoubtedly, creates emotional detachment among them.

We are talking about nationalism. We feel common language, common history, costume, and cultural traditions. Another is one of the crux political independence. Ethnic nationalism is supposed to be major component of nationalism. The present ethnic autonomous issues are based on ethnic nationalism of which historic rights is consisted.

At the end, the million dollar question for every one
Is it right for demanding of ethnic autonomous?
Your turn please…………………….

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