Wednesday, February 18, 2009


My Two days visit in martin chautari

First day- Tuesday, 2009, 02, 16
To talk about martin chautari I had never been there before. First time my visit of martin chautari remained thankful task. I even did not know where it lies. I started eleven numbers of racing from maitighar, meandering roads, I hardly found it after fifteen minutes of walking.
Sharp three o’clock open discussion began where room was fully occupied the by the participants. A Beautiful small hall, thatched roof moderate shape, had around fifty five people gathered. The topic was” highways of social research in Nepal” presented by a professor of Philadelphia once upon a time but she has been long time spending in Nepal in course of research of nepali history. Her nepali language was perfect. It was as normal as nepali speaker. When she started speaking nepali, I thought, as if she is nepali. Her sound was so articulate.
I felt guilty of not being spoken nepali, I always tried to speak English instead. It was anyways awful condition I experienced.
As she kept explaining, the pouncing points, of overall subject matter, concentrated upon post- colony in Nepal. It has encompassed everywhere. According to her study, the history of Nepal was beyond the fact before 1950. Its culture and language had been destroyed by any means.
There was many important things done like university discourse, western theory and post-conflict situation in Nepal.

Second day- Wednesday, 2009, 03, 17
“Teaching social science in private colleges of TU” envoys were Amar prasai from campaion college and sandesh dhakal Xavier international college. Their periphery was on discourses that we are using in university are outdated. It means the discourses are nolonger equivalent in the world. Sandesh dhakal focused on technical parts, on the contrary amar prasai pointed out contemporary issues spread out top to bottom, political epicenter to circle of intelligentsia. ‘There is no parity in academy,’ they said. They also confessed in front of us not being as professor but as a friend. I really appreciate it. They were saying that they are not serving but they are surviving.
As a participant I also got change to ask question that I liked. Interestingly, we were asked question the reason that to be the student of behavioral science instead of natural science. Participants responded various answer. Many people had no similar circumstances.
I tried to find the way of solving piloted problems through professors because Tribhuwan University and Private Colleges are now on the verse of showing finger each other.
We do not know how long the turmoil will be prolonged

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