Thursday, February 5, 2009

'ROOM TO READ' John Wood

‘The serving hands are greater than that of praising tongue’. What you gained and lost in your life is as inevitable part that every human being measures and weighs their lives through tasks they did. No wonder how big task it is or how tiny it is as compared. There are few true heroes who have truly devoted entire life for better world. They are really great always ready helping for needy. It is said that unless u lose something you gain nothing. The life itself is reciprocal. In order to get what u think good should be able to overcome the hurdles. No repentance of how luxurious life it was and valuable thing.
After reading john wood’s “leaving Microsoft to change the world”, many of us have known about the harsh reality that the pathetic condition in developing world especially in Nepal, India, and Vietnam. Overall the book is written in narrative form. But In somewhere in the middle of the book is in descriptive form. John wood, as he describes about his white color job per month $17000 dollar in a month world’s top reputed company, Microsoft, is ready for denouncing it to help hundreds of thousand children by providing books who are deprived of getting education due to poverty.
By peeping through wood’s book “leaving Microsoft to change the world” it is not hard to find out the circumstances of the world we live. And formation of society in which the way of perception and living is different from person to person. There are innumerous helpful key terms must have in a man that can be learned through john’s experiences. Moreover it has been turning point of his career. “Even though to get job like Microsoft again is not as easy as we think, to assist humanitarian assistance for ten of thousands children by opening ‘room to read’ is best humanity” he thinks’.
According to author, his childhood days had been spent among books. What I was touched most that in the midnight outside full of silence, but on author’s hand there is sound of fellows of book. There are clear images we can draw plight of country as he explained that no material in school, students with no books.
His unquenched thirst for reading books came up with successful end when his meeting with pasupati would be in bahundanda. Humbly request for providing some books to school kids has fertilized his passion of reading books of his childhood days. At school there was nothing besides full of lack, no provisions it had whereas a school must have. The beginning towards the stride from Microsoft to room to read the vicious circle of poverty that many children are prevented from privileges of being educated is supposed to be driving forces.
This book is written with compassion of well wishers and donors. Techniques to run non- profitable organization are remarkable that all donors were induced to assist financially. In the name of charity, country like Nepal, millions rupees have been collapsed due to proper management as stimulated. The author is however seen to have overcome the problems.
It is certain that the credit for the achievement of dreamt 'room to read' go to those savior faire whose tiny efforts have enlightened the world. Writer’s perpetual devotion is as Para-mount weighty lesson throughout the book. By reading it I am sure that there will be open the window from where we can watch and feel the world nearer.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday ( Sajha Publication's book Fare) I found out that Room to Read also publishes the children story books in Nepali. It is nice idea to collect money and help to the unprivileged children. Cheers to John wood and Room to read team!

Anonymous said...

thanks for comment.
And also i am glad to hear of your visiting book fare. i can feel you that you want all the underprivilaged children with book on thier hand. that is great!