Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lohorung Cuisine

It is the old and traditional food of Lohorung. People usually eat this cuisine on the soybean harvesting season and festival like Maaghe Sakranti. It is eaten as soup with rice and as a pickle as a side dish.You can make Kinema daam as well.
How to make it?
Soak soybean for one day. Boil it until it is cooked or you can boil it in pressure cooker. After that, cool it for a while until it becomes luke warm. Remove water and grind it slightly so that each soybean becomes half. Burn the paper and collect some fine ash. Mix the ash and grinded soybean thoroughly. The ash mixed soybean is ready to store. Put the mixture in the newspaper, wrap it and re-wrap it with 5 newspapers. Then cover with warm piece of clothes. Keep it for three days and two nights. Finally open it. Use fork to test the Kinema. If it produces long thread like structure when dipped and taken out, then first class Kinema is ready.
How to make Kinema Soup?
Heat oil in a pan, fry half grinded garlic until it turns red and add Kinema. At the same time add water, turmeric and salt. Boil it thoroughly. Now, the Kinema soup is ready to serve.
How to make Kinema Pickle?
Grind salt and chilly. Add garlic and grind it. Finally add kinema and grind it slightly. Kinema pickle is ready to serve.
How to make Kinema Daam?

Heat oil in a pan, fry half grinded garlic until it becomes red, add kinema. Then, add some tomatoes, turmeric and salt. Finally, add some rice and water. Cook until rice gets cooked. Your tasty kinema daam is ready. 
Dried Kinema